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Asia Designers Directory

Asia Designers Directory (ADD) is Asia’s most comprehensive and authoritative directory of interior designers. ADD is the definitive gateway to Asia’s ever-growing community of interior designers and the go-to directory in Asia to support meaningful touchpoints for those in search of a designer for their next space, and connectivity among creatives looking to establish synergistic collaborations and growth in the design industry.

Established on a platform assisted by Enterprise Singapore, a government agency in Singapore, ADD boasts the most complete directory of Asia-based interior designers in countries including, but not limited to Singapore, China, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, India, Macau, Sri Lanka Australia, and New Zealand.

ADD also features today’s design leaders in interviews under our Distinguished Designer Personalities segment. Through monthly featured interviews, Distinguished Design Personalities brings in the spotlight design personalities who play a crucial role in shaping the global interior architecture and design scene. We speak with influential designers and industry leaders who have in common stand-out works to flaunt, and a stellar career denoted by accolades and prestige, as well as academia thought leaders who shape design pedagogy and practice, to glean insights into prominent design personalities of our time.

Through an annual 40 Under 40 Awards, ADD also recognises an emerging generation of designers – young, talented, and Asia-based – at the forefront of the interior architecture and design scene. The award spotlights design talents, honouring young powerhouse interior designers who are setting the benchmark for design in the region, and possibly beyond.

Our objective is to connect interior designers and elevate the profession in Asia.