Under The Patronage of His Excellency Mr. Majid Abdullah Al-Hogail, The Minister of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing.


Under The Patronage of His Excellency Mr. Majid Abdullah Al-Hogail, The Minister of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing.

The Saudi Contractors Authority and dmg events organized the International Contracting Conference on 26 – 27 February 2024, which was co-located with Big 5 Construct Saudi from 26 – 29 February 2024 at the Riyadh Front Exhibition & Conference Center


Empowering the future of contracting: The International Contracting Conference (ICC) joins forces with Big 5 Construct Saudi

His Excellency Mr. Majid Abdullah Al-Hogail, the Minister of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing in Saudi Arabia inaugurated the 4th edition of the International Contracting Conference co-located with Big 5 Construct Saudi at the Riyadh Front Exhibition and Conference Center, joined by Eng. Zakaria bin Abdulrahman Al-Abdulqader, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Saudi Contractors Authority.

Across two days of high-level discussions, the conference welcomed speakers to share detailed analysis and understanding of the current state of the construction industry and provide valuable insights into the challenges, opportunities and key factors shaping the contracting landscape in the Kingdom. The conference hosted discussions on nurturing talent, fostering innovation and driving sustainable growth, the role of the construction sector in achieving Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 for sustainability and strategies for managing financial resources in the contracting industry, among other industry-relevant topics.


Recap into the 4th edition of ICC


Conference Delegates




Insightful sessions


Saudi Arabia's finest united at ICC 2024



The conference advantage


Who should attend?

Organization Type

  • Government
  • Policymakers
  • Contractors
  • Developers
  • Law Firms


  • Financial Institution
  • Project Owners
  • Consultants
  • Engineering Firms
  • Technology Providers


  • Environmental and Sustainability Consultancies
  • Industry Associations/Academic Institutions
  • Health and Safety Advisors

Job Titles

  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Managing Directors/General Managers
  • Presidents/Chairmans
  • Vice Presidents/Vice Chairmans
  • Director Generals


  • C-level executives
  • Directors/Heads
  • Country Heads/Managers
  • Project Directors
  • Department Heads


  • Chief Sustainability Officers
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Legal Counsels
  • Chief People Officers

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Expected Participants


Exhibiting Companies


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Specialized Events 


2024 in focus

Dynamic and impactful themes

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Workforce Capabilities

Financial Resilience

2024 agenda

Day One | Feb 26, 2024

1:30 PM - 2:10 PM

Registration & Networking

2:10 PM - 2:15 PM

Opening Remarks

Sulaiman AlZaid, Master of Ceremonies

2:15 PM - 2:20 PM

National Anthem & Quran Reading

2:20 PM - 2:25 PM

Opening speech by SCA

Eng. Zakaria bin Abdulrahman Al-Abdulqader, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Saudi Contractors Authority

2:25 PM - 2:30 PM

Welcome remarks by dmg events

Matt Denton, President, dmg events

2:30 PM - 2:35 PM

Opening speech by MOMRAH

His Excellency Mr. Majid Abdullah Al-Hogail, The Minister of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing

2:35 PM - 2:55 PM

SCA’s Consortium Launch

2:55 PM - 3:00 PM

Appreciation Ceremony 

3:00 PM - 3:45 PM

Panel discussion - Navigating the landscape: Decoding the current state of the contracting sector in Saudi Arabia

This session offers a detailed analysis and understanding of the current state of the industry, with valuable insights into the challenges, opportunities, and key factors shaping the contracting landscape in the Kingdom.

  • Explore the current state of the Saudi contracting sector
  • Identify key challenges and growth prospects for contractors
  • Gain insights for navigating regulatory and market intricacies


  • Abdulaziz Al Fraidi, Vice President, Al Bawani
  • Guilherme Jacobucci, Executive Director, WSP
  • Hosam Ibrahim Aljalal, Vice President, Aramco
  • Jad Chouman, Partner & Head of Middle East, HKA
  • Khalid Abdulrahman Al Othman, President, Imar Engineering Consultants


Ramia Farrage, Conference Chair 

3:45 PM - 4:10 PM

Manpower dynamics: Tackling workforce challenges in contracting

This session explores the evolving landscape of workforce management in the contracting sector, addressing key challenges and seizing opportunities to enhance the recruitment, training, and retention of skilled personnel crucial to operational success.

  • Examine the dynamics of the contracting workforce
  • Address challenges and opportunities in manpower management
  • Attain insights for effectively sourcing, training, and retaining skilled personnel


Jad Ibrahim, Vice President of Support Services, Shade Corporation

4:10 PM - 4:35 PM

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and wellbeing at work for construction

The integration of Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) and the emphasis on Well being at Work are anticipated to be essential trends in workplace management for 2024-2025.

  • Understand the reciprocal advantages for both employees and employers
  • Enhance mental and physical health through targeted well-being programs.
  • Explore strategies to minimize employee turnover by fostering a positive and supportive work environment.
  • Boost work performance and overall productivity by implementing EAP initiatives.


Cayte Fatma Mocadam, Founder of CM & CM Telemental, CEO of CMDC

4:35 PM - 5:00 PM

Driving innovation and collaboration in Saudi engineering and contracting: A vision for the future

Join this session for a visionary discussion as influential leaders illuminate the path forward for the Kingdom's construction industry, emphasizing innovative strategies and collaborative endeavors.

  • Discover emerging trends and technologies driving innovation in Saudi engineering and contracting.
  • Learn about successful collaboration models led by visionary leaders to overcome industry challenges.
  • Understand the role of regulatory frameworks in fostering innovation and collaboration in construction.
  • Develop a forward-thinking vision for sustainability and excellence in engineering practices.


  • Abdulmajid Mohammed AlRashoudi, Governor, SCA
  • Eng. Abdul Mohsen bin Dhawi Al Majnouni, Governor, Saudi Council of Engineers
  • Eng. Saad bin Saleh Al-Shuail, Secretary General, Saudi Building Code National Committee

Moderator: Taha Alsafi, Chief of Industry Development, Saudi Contractors Authority

5:00 PM - 5:25 PM

Skillful builders: Ensuring training and development in the contracting workforce

This session emphasizes the importance of training, explores innovative development strategies, and offers insights for contractors to cultivate a skilled workforce ready for success in a rapidly evolving industry.

  • Prioritizing training and development in contracting
  • Nurturing skillful builders for industry success
  • Insights for contractors on developing a skilled workforce


Abdulrahman Alsheail, 2030 Misk Leader, Senior Advisor, Institute of Public Administration

5:25 PM - 5:55 PM

Government Perspectives on Contracting for Sustainable Development

Gain insights into the strategic perspectives and initiatives of key government entities shaping contracting practices for sustainable development in Saudi Arabia.


  • Dr. Waleed Akhtar Sultan, General Supervisor for Classification Development, Project Management and Performance Follow-up, Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs
  • Eng. Hamad Abdulrahman Al-Turki, VP, solution and products, National Center for Government Resources Systems
  • Eng. Khaled Fahad Aluraik, EVP Planning & Projects Management Business Unit, EXPRO

Moderator: Mohammed Kalagi, Business Solutions Director, Saudi Contractors Authority

5:55 PM - 6:00 PM

Closing remarks for day 1

Day Two | Feb 27, 2024