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Centre of Excellence in Smart Construction


The Centre of Excellence in Smart Construction (CESC) is committed to advancing industry-led innovations in the built environment to revolutionise the way we develop, manage and operate smarter cities.

CESC is a global hub for disruptive thinking, a platform for collaborative research and a model for innovations and stakeholder engagement. The industry-led innovations and research will focus on enabling technologies around three main research themes:

Performance and Productivity

World-class innovators are working with partners to improve the efficiency of the built environment by creating, advocating and facilitating initiatives to enable technological developments. This in turn leads to maximising efficiencies, improved quality and reliability, and a reduction in project variations, duration and cost.


Led by the Net Zero by 2050 carbon objectives and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, CESC will continue to collaborate with industry and government to increase the level of social, economical, environmental and cultural sustainability of the Built Environment.


In a post-COVID-19 world, CESC initiatives will lead the development of research toward the enhancement of health, safety and wellbeing. The overall aim is to improve the welfare of the workforce and workplaces as well as enhancing livability of the built assets.