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Industry news – Article 7


Saudi Arabia prequalifies 25 companies for limestone complex project in Riyadh

Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources announced that it has prequalified 25 companies to develop a limestone complex in the Riyadh region.

The ministry had invited investors in April to take advantage of its new mining law and bid for the project involving the development of 13 limestone sites in Hafirat Nisah in Al-Muzahmiya Governorate province in Riyadh for the manufacture of ornamental stones and other products.

Last week, the Ministry had said in a statement that 39 companies had expressed interest in qualifying for the project.

The 25 prequalified companies are:

  1. Andalusia Natural Stone Company
  2. Al-Takadum Contracting Company
  3. Al-Sultan Company for Contracting, Trade and Industry
  4. Al-Quds Natural Stone Company for Industry
  5. United Marble and Stone Company
  6. Awtad Al-Riyadh Company for Industry
  7. Bin Herkel Trading Company Ltd
  8. Tanhat Mining Company
  9. Kate Al-Majd Company for Contracting
  10. Rakaz International Commercial Investment Company
  11. Ramak Trading and Contracting Company
  12. Rawabi Al Wusta Mining Company
  13. Rawabi Al Rock Marble and Stone Company
  14. Roma Marble and Stone Company
  15. Sahara Najd Industry Company
  16. Rocks Ibdaa Mining Company
  17. Taif Najd Trading Company
  18. Qilaa Al Khaleej Mining Company
  19. Al Raqi Quarry Company Mining Company
  20. Mohammed Hadi Al-Rasheed & Partners Company
  21. Al-Asinah Marble and Stone Factory Company
  22. Saudi Marble and Granite Factory Company
  23. National Granite Factory Company for Marble and Granite
  24. Al-Qimma Rocks Factory for Mining
  25. Al-Jawdah Rocks Factory for Mining

The winning bids are expected to be announced in June 2022.

Source: Zawya